Mind You

Product design
Project Overview

I decided to explore the notion of using tactile tools to alleviate stress to a certain degree and to allow the user to reach a more mindful relaxed state.
The result was a tactile tool kit with each piece providing a sense of comfort by connecting with the senses.
Process & Outcomes

I looked at the different products on the market that are available that aim to in oneway or another improve the users wellbeing.
I focused on human centred design as I felt that understanding the user fully was key to getting a functioning product.
This was a self initiated project based on a chosen topic. I chose the notion of mindfulness & how it could be formulated in to a beneficial product. Through personal experience I found that it can be used to reduce stress and improve well being.

We get tactile information through sensory receptors located in the skin. The tactile system provides us with with information about touch sensations. The sense of touch is ahuge sensory system that gives us information needed for visual perception, motor planning, body awareness, academic learning social skills and emotional security.
I observed various retail environments observing how consumers interacted with self-care items and products. It was insightful to see as I saw how hands on people were with product and what trends were out there this got me thinking of my design direction.

The ideal environment for the kit would be on a desk or at home. So either for instant relief or in your own personal time..
The kit is aimed at young women particularly from the creative class and though it has been created with all women in mind. There is nothing gender specific about the objects I’’ve just chosen to aim it as women as they're the most stressed statistically.